Below are some sample online help systems:


Google Support

ENGWR 353 student-generated online help

Mario Garcia
Online help system on a gym and it's components.
Wendy Anderson
This online help system is open to the public. It was designed as a help
guide for basic financial and budgeting advice.
Luis Felipe Regalado
This online help system is open to the public and is designed to help
users work with the new version of iTunes that was released with the iPod
Nano Chromatic.

Inez Funchess
The HealthMaster Help is a system designed to show the structure,

use, and maintenance of the HealthMaster.
Laine Worrix
Making your own homemade lotions and oils help topic
Larita Clow
This online help system is designed to help people get started using
Microsoft Word.
Christine Hobbs
Online Help System to help with Budgets budget Buster
Tammy Fitzpatrick
Online Help System for TODO Task Tracking system, a customized
task tracking database.