RoboHelp Overview

RoboHelp is used as an online authoring tool which is not to be confused with a help authoring tool. It is a tool that runs on Windows. The main reason for this tool is to create contents such as:
  • Online help, plus...
  • Online documentation.
  • Online tutorials.
  • Online sales brochures.
  • Other online material.

Robohelp generally consists of:
  • A topic previewer.
  • An image map editor.
  • Contents, index, glossary, and other editors.
  • Output creation and conversions features.
  • WYSIWYG and HTML editors.

Start of a New Project

When initially starting up the new project wizard, you will be asked to fill in all of the required fields to begin a new project.
  • Enter the title of this project.
  • Enter the file name of this project.
  • Enter the location of the project.
  • Enter the title of the first topic.
  • Lastly, select your default language for your project.

Right before you press "Finish", make sure you take note of the specific area at which you are saving your project at. Also, the first topic may be changed at any time.

This is an example:
An illustration of the Robohelp Interface

Linking Strategies

Links are the icons which the user clicks in order to navigate from page to page. Online help is hypertext and hypertext utilizes links between files. For example, if you had typed Go to Tutorial on your file, then you would highlight those words and click the Insert Hyperlink icon on the Project Toolbar. Next, under selection click the destination you want that link to follow. Lastly, if you want to test your link, you would click the blue eyeglass icon in the Project Toolbar, making sure that you are on the page that is not the intended destination of the link after it is clicked. Click on the new hyperlink to go to the new destination. Links are the foundation of navigation between pages in help systems.


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Original Author:Mario Garcia
Contributors: Sandra Ramirez
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